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Maintenance Our service department operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Our speedy response guarantees that somebody will be at your facility in case of emergency within a few hours. Whether your problem occurs on the weekends or after-hours we will be there.

Preventive Maintenance As the ones most frequently "inside" the equipment on your premises, our Route Drivers have been trained to handle a variety of common service problems and most importantly, to monitor certain components for signs of wear and report them to our service department before they become a problem. Route Drivers conduct monthly inspections of all our equipment on your premises for mechanical operation and compliance with our sanitation standards.

Corrective Maintenance Although the emphasis on Preventative Maintenance keeps "service calls" at a minimum, there is just no way to eliminate them completely. For us, the keys to a "corrective problem are speed, effectiveness and a conscious return to the Preventative Maintenance mode. To effect this prompt response time, our Service Technicians are contacted immediately so that they know of your difficulty, and its nature, just minutes after you've reported it to our office. Return to a Preventative Maintenance mode comes through a monitoring system which "red flags" repetitive service calls to the same machine for the same problem. This would trigger a more in-depth investigation and could result in replacement of a machine at your location, rather than risk the possibility of additional recurrence.

Operating Philosophy As our customer, you are "No. 1". Vending is a service-oriented business. Without you, the customer, our business wouldn't exist. All of our staff in and out of the field are friendly and will always treat you with respect, and listen to your requests. We conduct our business at your facility. Your employees and co-workers are our customers. Therefore, we are obligated to always recognize the impact of our actions in regards to your employees. We care what our customers think about our equipment, products and service. We feel there is no substitute for quality service. We understand businesses change. Some employee populations fluctuate during different seasons and economic times. As long as we have an open channel of communication, we are able to increase service, and make equipment changes when needed. Although we serve captive audiences, it is our job to create sales. We have a vested interest in product rotation, and category management. We are always open to your suggestions, but remember we aim to please the majority of the employee population. If an item is not selling, we will not continue to stock it and instead replace it with one of your suggestions. Since we serve the same people in the same environment every day, we recognize that monotony is a constant threat to the satisfaction of your employees and consequently to our business. We try to minimize monotony by utilizing different suppliers for our beverage and snack items. As new products come out, we will share them with you. We believe that the success of any full service operation is directly dependent upon the attitude of management and staff.

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